From the recording Keep On Walkin'

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Keep on Walkin’ – One of five songs on the CD that was co-written with dear friend and occasional co-writer David Henman, Juno Hall of Fame member and founder of Canadian rock icons April Wine. When we initially wrote it with our band called “The Business” the lyric was written quickly and had little or no meaning. For this project I re-wrote the words to reflect the struggles my friends Sam Pollard and her life partner Brenda Grant have been facing while dealing with Brenda’s cancer.


Keep On Walkin’

Verse 1: You can’t ever have it perfect
Can not be safe all the time.
Thinking less is best my darlin’s
to keep all your ducks in line.

Chorus: So keep on walkin’
Got to keep on walkin’
Just keep on walkin’ and the sun will shine.

Verse 2: Everybody’s got some troubles
You’ve got yours and I’ve got mine.
If you stop they’ll catch you darlin’s
‘cause they’re never far behind.

Middle 8: Just one single step is all it takes
From the moment you awake
Put your left foot forward and the rest is easy
You just follow that one with your right.

Verse 3: You must try to keep your focus
on horizons up ahead.
Fear of unknown fates my darlin’s
will keep messin’ with your heads.