Glenn Reid is a songwriter-singer who has performed on stages throughout Canada and the Americas since the 1970s. His songs are drawn from personal experiences and observations of the sometimes perplexing, always fascinating world around us.

Glenn performs as a solo, duo, or full band, depending on the venue, with a lively mixture of classic rock and country songs from the past sprinkled with originals from his recordings.

His fifth collection of songs is currently nearing completion. The first four, titled “Workin’ Man”, “I’m In”, “Keep On Walking”, and “Not Being With You”, have received airplay in countless countries around the world from the Americas to Europe, Asia, and Oceania.

Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and raised in Montreal, Quebec,Canada, he currently lives in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, with the love of his life, best friend, and brains-of-the-operation, Cindy Reid. They have two adult daughters, Jade Dunlop-Nebesov and Gerreke Desnoo, who really should visit more often...