From the recording Keep On Walkin'

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I Will Be Your Man – Originally written to chastise a friend, this lyric was also re-worked to become what it should have been in the first place. A love song.



V1: I know that sometimes this road that we travel can twist and turn
The day may be sunny but even sweet sunshine sometimes can burn.
If you are ever in need of some shelter,
If you find you need the touch of a hand,
Then darling I, I will be
your man.

V2: At best the future can seem so uncertain. This much is true.
We trip and stumble while we’re navigating our way through.
If you should ever feel lost I will find you.
If you ever feel you can’t, well, you can.
‘cause darling I, I will be
your man.

Middle 8: It’s no big thing; no gift I am giving.
I could not help it if I tried.
As sure as I sing, as sure as I’m living,
I will never leave your side.

V3: So don’t mistake me, it’s you who are giving and I who receive.
Having at last been given a reason to truly believe.
And so no wonder I stand here before you
with smiling eyes, holding my heart in my hands,
promising I, I will be
your man