1. Little Voices

From the recording Keep On Walkin'

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Little Voices – Everyone’s heard them, haven’t they? Those little voices in the back of your head that tell you that you just have to see more of that person you just can’t stopping thinking about. Another Henman & Reid collaboration.


Little Voices

Verse 1: I don’t know. I guess I must be fallin’
I see her everywhere I go
And I hear those little voices callin’
Telling me that I need her so.

Verse 2: I can taste the last time that I kissed her.
I see her shadow on my shade.
And I hear her voice and Lord I miss her.
I want her back again to stay.

Middle 8: If she’s gone for a minute that’s a
minute way too long.
If I’m right, but she disagrees, well,
Then I must be wrong.

Verse 3: I can feel her breath upon my shoulder
I wish she never had to go
All I need is one more chance to hold her
I hear those voices and I know…..

They’re tellin’ me that I need her so… (x3)