From the recording Keep On Walkin'

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In a Little While – I told you I’d make it up to my daughter. This song is about being a single Dad living 200Km (120mi. for those of you that are metrically challenged) from your little girl. It’s a bit difficult, still, to sing without tearing up a bit, but in the end the message is still “I love you”, and that’s always good.



Verse 1: In a little while you’ll be going to sleep
I’ll be praying here for your soul to keep.
Always thinking I should be there
Angel kisses for the crown of your hair
I’ll be there,
in a little while.

Verse 2: In a little while I’ll have tears in my eyes.
Crazy, don’t you think, after all this time?
Always thinking “That should be me
with loving gaze watching you breathe.”
I’ll be there,
in a little while.

Middle 8: Don’t you give me a troubled thought.
I’ve got you and I know what I’ve got.
All this song is trying to say
is you are there and I’m far away.

Verse 3: In a little while (I) guess your day will begin.
You’ll be there. I’ll be here, again and again.
You may find this hard to believe
But I swear to you I never leave.
I’ll be there,
in a little while.