From the recording Keep On Walkin'

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One Little Rainbow – Written after one of the numerous times during my marriage when I’ve behaved like a twit. I suspect many listeners will be able to relate.



V1: I wish that I had just one little rainbow
to brighten your day and make things alright.
And you’d say to me “Hey where did the rain go?”
forgetting the storm we got caught in last night.

V2: But here’s foolish me. I’m fresh out of rainbows.
You’d think being me I’d carry some spares.
I try to be good, sometimes it’s in vain though,
I pray that you still know how much that I care.

Refrain: I can see today in the sunlight
The wrong from what’s so right
as clear as a bell.
Why I see what last night I could not
or maybe just would not
ain’t easy to tell.

V3: And so I wish for just one little rainbow
To show my true colours are still there to see.
To help me to make your heart full of pain go
Your beautiful smile back where it should be.