1. Go East

From the recording Keep On Walkin'

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Go East – An homage to my favourite province, bar none, Nova Scotia. If you’re from there, and you ain’t there, you’re probably homesick.


Go East

Verse 1: Back at home I’ve got a photograph
of Angus L. Macdonald’s bridge
I was there, it seems to me,
just a lifetime ago,
back when I was just a kid.

Verse 2: At my house I’ve got a postcard,
a vista of the Cabot Trail.
I recall when I was small,
Standing tall along the cliffs
watching wind whipping sails.

Chorus: And I can ride the open road
and travel far, and be at peace.
But if my eyes are lightly closed
in my mind, I’m inclined to go east.

Verse 3: In my heart I’ve got a picture
of Janie Evans on the hill
asking me, “Come out and play.
It’s a bright and sunny day”.
And those days stay with me still.