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A Piece of This Country - Okay, NS is my favourite, but I’ve lived all across Canada, and I’ve always found good folks with well-earned pride in their region. I was smart enough to ask Jade Dunlop to sing this ode to Canada for me, and in my opinion she aced it.


A Piece of This Country – Glenn Reid

V1: I’ve been where the oceans come crashing like thunder.
I’ve been where the roads are all dusty and dry.
And I’ve been where the grasses flow past the horizon,
And out where the trees block your view of the sky.

V2: The people down east are so open and friendly.
The centre has cities awake night and day.
The west has the mountains that defy description.
There’s places up north where the stars shine all day.

Chorus: And I’ve seen what they’re offering south of the border.
It’s nice but I’d like something just a bit higher.
‘Cause travelling’s fine, but then, so’s the returning.
A piece of this country is all I desire.

V3: Now if I had the money, I’d spend it so wisely;
Invest in my future and buy me some land.
The precise location would not really matter,
The rain and the sea or the sun and the sand.