1. A Mother's Son

From the recording Keep On Walkin'

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A Mother’s Son – Inspired by a Toronto Star photo of a Canadian soldier’s mother in grief. I’m anti-war in any form, but very pro those-who-fight for their fellow Canadians. The 48th Highlanders let me use their rendition of “The Maple Leaf Forever”, which I’ve always felt would make a much better national anthem than “Oh Canada”.


A Mother’s Son

Verse 1: There were tears that last good-bye.
There was pride in his father’s eyes.
He would fly many miles away
to the land where poppies grow.

Verse 2: There was fear but he’d face it down
for the brave soldiers all around.
Duty bound he would fight and how
it would end no one could know.

Chorus: Was a man….someone’s brother.
Was a boy….when all’s said and done.
Was a man….a friend and lover.
Was a boy….was a mother’s son.

Verse 3: There were tears, family, and friends
when at last he came back again.
Carried home by six brave men
to the crosses row on row.