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Take it in Stride

Lately it seems that in all of my dreams I see trouble.
Danger is lurking around the next corner I fear
Nothing is wrong yet, I can’t stop my hands from this shakin’.
I try to focus but can’t get the picture to clear.

Full of anxiety I start my day every morning.
Can’t put my finger on just what it is botherin’ me.
I know inside that a man cannot hide from his future.
Best to relax and whatever will be, let it be.

Take it in stride. Take it with courage.
No use in frettin’; you’d best be forgettin’ concern.
Take it in stride. Why should you worry.
Time marches on and just leaves you one more lesson learned.

Lead break on verse chords

Think of the minutes we’ve wasted all throughout our lifetimes.
Minutes that could have been much better spent other ways.
Loved ones to care for and so much for which to be thankful.
Hold ‘em all close and be grateful for all of your days.