1. The Journey

From the recording I'm In

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The Journey

When I started on this journey I was much more child than man
Certain I had all the answers (as if anybody can)
Ran into my share of evil which I fought at such a cost
Still and all I like to think that I have won more than I’ve lost.

I continued on this journey and I learned my lessons well.
Really tried to count my blessings and not to count the tears that fell.
All in all I have been lucky in the friendships I have known.
Though it’s true I have been lonely I have rarely been alone.

Don’t ever try to be an island
Such a path just leads to pain.
I’ve lost a few bets but I’ve got no regrets.
Nothin’ ventured, nothin’ gained.

Once committed to this journey down that long and winding road
There are always willing shoulders that can help to share the load.
If we find out someone’s in trouble never turn the other cheek.
Help them find their destination and we’ll find the peace we seek.