1. Long Gone

From the recording Not Being With You

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I always introduce this on stage as a song “about my least favourite ex” which, as one can imagine, takes some doing. Some ex’s are evil.


Long Gone – Glenn Reid

Dm C Dm C
Verse 1: I don’t know why you work so hard to make me feel so small
Dm C Bb A
Cause smaller guys can still surprise when backed against the wall.
Dm C Dm C
Find yourself another fool and leave this one alone.
Dm C Bb A
A house sometimes is just a house unless you feel at home.

Dm C Dm C
Chorus : And I’m gone. I’m so long gone.
Dm C
I’m out that door and miles away.
Bb A Dm C
Feet don’t fail me now. Can’t stay. I’m gone.

Verse 2: You can stand and shake your head and say it isn’t so.
Deny, deny, but lies won’t hide the truth that we both know.
Think about what you once had and still could have today.
Well ain’t there just the slightest chance that you might share the blame.

Repeat Chorus

Instr. On verse then repeat Chorus and out…