Not being with you cd baby cover
Not being with you cd baby cover
  1. Not Being With You

From the album Not Being With You

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Being a single Dad who lives 200K away from his only child feels like this. It’s still hard to sing, despite the fact that she’s older now and we have a wonderful relationship. 400 K every 2 weeks for 15 years or so leaves a lot of travel time to write lyrics.


Not Being With You – Glenn Reid

C Am
V1: As many stars as are in Heaven are the choices we make
C Am
We try to get it right every time and not to make a mistake.
F G Am F G Am
As all my ex’es, they will tell you, well, I’ve been known to make a few.
F Em Dm G
The biggest one I ever made is not being with you.

V2: I never wanted to leave you. I was leaving somebody else.
I know a man should understand, but that doesn’t seem to help.
I used to think I knew what love was but I did not have a clue.
The toughest thing I’ve had to face is not being with you.

Am Em
Middle 8: How’s a body to take it. There ain’t no one that strong.
Am G G-aug
I can smile, I can fake it. But I don’t know for how long.

V3: As many waves as are on the ocean are the tears that I’ve cried.
I know a man should be a man but I just can’t. I’ve tried.
I always loved Billie Holiday but I did not know the blues.
The saddest sound I’ve ever heard is not being with you.

Repeat “not being with you” several times and out…

©Glenn Reid